Wednesday, December 30, 2009

¡Three turkeys!

Feliz Navidad! Christmas was a busy time. I had Christmas Eve dinner with G&L in their gorgeous home with a dozen other merrimakers. As always, there was way too much food - delicious of course - followed by Carol singing, then dessert - wow, 4 kinds including Christmas pudding from Canada with rum sauce!.
I had a pretty busy Christmas day. I started the day with an 8:30 beach walk with my Friday walking buddy, Cathryn, then, being biz as usual in MX (regardless of the day), the tianguis sellers set up their wares in the square. I opened the used bookstore which is really close to the square for my Friday volunteer stint and sold quite a few books to tourists. I dropped by Pam & Greg's after I closed and was in time for a fruit and fritatta brunch there - lucky me, yum, then to the beach to touch base and say Merry Christmas, I didn't stay long as I had not thought to put on my bathing suit when I left the house at 8AM. Back home in mid afternoon, I made up a Mex chayote/corn dish to share when I joined friend, Marcia, at her beautiful year-round home with another group of pals for a champagne C dinner.
Boxing Day was a turkey free day (it was music night/open mic at Palapa Joe's - lasagna was on the menu). But the next day I stopped by Rose's to sample the peanut butter pie (yum) she had made for the Christmas Dinner which I didn't get to taste and came home with a plateful of her delicious left-overs. I have certainly had my fill of turkey for the month. Anyway, those were my Christmas dinners.
Brook and Terri rolled into town about 7:30 Wed night Dec 23 looking a bit road-weary but certainly in time for C dinner with Rose and her cast of thousands. I managed to not have my camera on hand for any of these occasions. Next time, for sure.

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