Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Rain Here - Wrong!!

Well, who knew?! On the last official day of the hurricane season, last night was a very soggy one. rain on and off until about 6 :30 AM when it was definitely 'on' = .5" total. Happily, my road, Calle Frida Kahlo, is still passable so I was able to drive down to a planning meeting for Art Walk 2010, and take a couple more pieces of my art to the walls at Cafe de Flores. There will be a showing of several local artists on Dec 6th (yours truly included) for the month. More on that later. The rain set in again on the weekend and by Sunday morning we'd had another 1.5 inches. Yikes, in December! Those dengue carrying mosquitoes will be all over us in time for Christmas, I fear.

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