Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh, swell!!

...and swell it did! Wow, it was a week ago - time flies. I slipped on the stairs and mashed the outside of my right foot on the step below. Ouch! I was hurrying to get to the beach for a morning walk. Well, I got there with my rapidly swelling foot to find (fortunately, I guess) there was no beach. It was a very high tide so my friend and I went back to her casa for coffee and a bag of ice for my foot. Her hasband did his Boy Scout best and suggested getting an x-ray - it looked like I'd broken something, so I did what I was told. The only x-ray machine in this little town is at the vet's and that's where I went, mewing piteously. Happily, the xrays showed nothing broken and now, a week later, I am limping, the purple is still there but the swelling has mostly gone down. My best solution for icing the foot comes courtesy of my sister who had way back given me this nifty wine chiller. Turns out it works as well for wounded feet as it does for white wines!
At least I don't have dengue like half the town! Yet.

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