Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The run up to Christmas

Friends, Barb & Jack, rolled in off the bus from PV on Tues Dec 8th so we got to play and do things together. Barb helped me get my tree together for the Silent Auction, we made a couple runs to Melaque together (plus they did a couple on the bus - ever the explorers ). We had Sunday brunch and swims on the beach here at Quinta Valentina's, joined pals for an afternoon at Tenacatita Beach where the wave action is a bit lighter and the beach is just as good for walking. We sampled the tacos at Chop-chop's and cruised the square. It is our new habit to have bebidas a la playa (drinks at the beach) at Figaro's on Fridays and they joined in on two Fridays. On Sat, Dec 19, I delivered them to the bus stop in Melaque for the continuation of their trip. They overnighted in Colima, changed buses in Guadalajara and arrived at B's bro's in Patzcuaro in time for Sunday dinner. Barb reports that it is really cold in Patz (it's in the mountains of Michoacan) at nights and, in addition to her brother's fireplace, she's happy for her fleecy, long pants and socks!
For us in LM, the weather finally has cooled a bit - I've even put the duvet on the bed. Perhaps the end of dengue mosquitos for a while. I'm back to joining the gal pals for cocos and swims at Valentina's in the afternoons. The cocos, we're told are good for almost everything (has lots of electrolites) and with dengue so prevalent we are triyng to keep our immune systems at the ready. I guess it is working as (touch wood) I am still healthy.

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