Friday, January 1, 2010

Feliz Año Nuevo

NYE - The bells began tolling at 5:30 and that was my cue to head for the church for a mass at 6 pm ... it was being said for friends, Alaska Joe and Barb, who reaffirmed their vows made 25 years ago. That was followed by a wonderful dinner (for 300 of their closest friends, she said, laughing) in the Casino (AKA dancehall - no gambling there) - the place looked magical in tons of roses with red and white banners, table cloths and chair covers. A few pics are here. After dinner there was music, lights and bubbles until it was time to welcome in the new year with hugs and kisses plus fireworks all down the beach. I didn't stay for midnight but carried on, first to the beach to see the early fireworks, then on to join Marcia and others at her casa for champagne and to claim the aforementioned X's and O's. We also had to each gobble down 12 grapes within a minute of midnight to ensure good fortune through the new year. You need to know that grapes in MX are bigger than cherries and have at least 4 seeds in each. That is a tall chomping order.
I'm feeling surprisingly spry considering bedtime was after 1 AM - that never happens much in my life anymore. The night was topped off with the brightest of blue moons, which woke me from my sleep at 5:30 AM, shining in my eyes!

Today, January 1st, is Friday and, regardless of the day, it is biz as usual in MX. That means I was down there to open the used bookstore from 10 AM - 1 PM. The tianguis (open market) sellers were there setting up before 8 AM. The bookstore saw a few customers, I made some sales and closed the doors at noon. I'd been invited to join the gals on Peggy's pool patio, not much swimming as the day was cloudy and a bit oppressive - many a no-see-um nipping, pool not so warm either. The company was grand though and so were the mimosas. Peggy had made up a pot of black eyed peas - a tradition for the new year from the southern states in the hopes of prosperity. I am hopeful. Back home for a quiet New Year's dinner and a movie - think it will be "Sylvia" tonight. So far tonight the town is very quiet. People must be home making their resolutions.

Yep, here we are, poised at the brink of, not just another year, but a whole new decade. That seems to call for a load of heavy resolves to be made. I think I'll set Epiphany as the date to have mine firmly laid out. Whew, that gives me a couple more day.

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  1. Ah yes, resolutions. I hope one of yours will be to not get dengue fever. I'm still too busy in renoland to have many of those in mind. But yes, I resolve to resolve. Happy new year to you and the other pals down there in the sunshine!