Saturday, August 9, 2008

White Rock Sea Festival '08

This year, for the first time in probably twenty years, the WR Sandcastle Competition was resurrected. There weren't many builders but it surely was great to see the activity again. The beach was awash in holidayers enjoying everything about the blue sky sunny day.

A friend and I walked among the throngs as the tide seeped out and caught some of the action at the bandshell by the white rock then took in the goofy 'Waiter's Race' on the street outside the Station museum. Our best vantage point was from a cafe patio so, since we were there, we had to have a beer to quench our thirst before heading the long steep climb up Martin St.

Another new-to-me item this year
were the banners strung on the
posts the length of the Pier. Every
province was represented and
front and centre was
Saskatchewan's flag
as you can see in the first photo.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vancouver Jazz Festival

Well, have we had a good time or what...??? see photo of J, M, moi at the Commodore. We ushered at and saw at the Centre several great acts this week.

On Sunday, we took our bikes to the city and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day. We had a great bike ride from Science World around to and through Stanley Park on Sunday which included a picnic (what treats!1) at Lumberman's Arch and a stop at the beer garden to stay cool on a hot afternoon with music at David Lam Park before pointing ourselves back to the car on Manitoba St.and then on our way out of town!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Old Man Dance - Mezamitla, Jalisco

This is a Mule

You see the darndest things on Mexican highways and byways. Waiting at the light at LasVaras on Highway 200 heading for San Blas. This was day one of the return to Canada.