Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well, Happy Birthday to me!!

It was another gorgeous day in Paradise and fun was had by all. Actually it has been a B'day party week for us starting with Pam's birthday last Monday, TG turkey dinner in the middle and finishing with Cynthia's this coming Tuesday. We went to Careyes to watch two polo matches in the afternoon. We packed a picnic which included champagne and tasty snacks. G brought along a bottle of Tres Mujeres tequila which was perfect as there were three B'day gals. I have some special photos to share. Click here. Between the two games we were treated to a shot of tequila by a sponsor and with shot in hand we headed out to the fields to stomp divots kicked up by the horses' hooves. Not many as it was dry so divots turned into dust. Grant and I spotted some likely ones but it turned out to be 'road apples' and we thought better of stomping those!
Back in La Manzanilla after dark it was time to stop in at Palapa Joe's where there was live music with Willy, the owner, and Scottie, from Powell River BC, both on guitar, Dan from Cal on harmonica and Danko from ? on bongos. Good dancing blues music.
So today - another sterling sunshiny day and the Grey Cup game to look forward to this evening. I am going for a swim with the gals around 3 pm.

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