Sunday, November 22, 2009

Start the day with Passion

... fruit that is. I have a very healthy vine winding along my chainlink fence and fighting for space with the letitia vine - big glorious lavender blossoms. I have to check regularly because if they fall, they roll a long way down hill into jungly overgrowth and I don't go there looking for them. Anyway, they are juicy and delish. Today I am going to make syrup for agua fresca(think Kool-aid) with them. Pour a bit of syrup into water or soda water and add ice for a cool refreshing drink on a hot day. We have lots of those sorts of days here. We were swimming the other day with Grant's thermometer and it registered 30°C(86°F). I am still the only one being stung by ??? out there but the days demand a swim anyway.
It is hard to believe that the end of Nov is just around the corner. I am joining my American friends for a full fledged TG turkey dinner at Palapa Joe's on Thursday. Saturday marks the opening of the Polo season at Careyes (and my B'day) so I hope to be there for the opening game and the half time tequila divot stomp! Those horse's hooves kick up a lot of turf!

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