Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunny and warm with jellyfish

Well, what a long time since I put words on this site. I guess there is too much to be done in the sun here in Mexico. Everyone has settled down now from the rejoicing over Obama's Inaug. I have many a happy American friend in this dusty little town. We are all keen to see what good things come of this.
I'll include a little photo of a treasure I found washed up on the beach a while back. I'm sure it is good luck as this is the first one I've spied in all my years here. I can't believe I did not walk right by - it is so tiny. Tomorrow I am off to La Huerta to pay my taxes with a carload of friends. Then, in the late afternoon, it is time to stop at Figaro's for Bebidas a la Playa. Figaro's is a delightful Italian palapa restaurant on the beach with Corona cervesa - dark and light - on tap. I am totally in love with their Pasta Alfredo con Gambieri. Tomorrow night however many of us are going to Cafe Risa to take part in a benefit for chef Linda's sister who has a disease which requires very expensive meds.
This week, Sat is my day to volunteer at the Libreria, (bookstore) another fundraising activity where the sales of used books go to assist programs and/or needy folks in town.

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