Wednesday, November 28, 2012

De dant-de-dant-dead-ant.....

Went out to wash my car early Monday AM while it was still cool - there's lots of dust in La Manz, when ouch -no, not another scorpion, but a big black ant gnawing on my left ankle.  I aimed the water spray at it and managed to knock it off.  I stopped and took a Benadryl cream break That's when I realized the ground around me  was moving, black with ants, soooo many ants!

Mary had told me they were on their way up from her house and, indeed, I had seem them on the stone steps below yesterday when I walked back up from the beach. Apparently they do scorpions for lunch - yay!

I have a short brick wall around my car park spot so I hosed it down - ants aren't wild about water nor are scorpions.  That is when I noticed a big old scorpion running for its life with hundreds of ants behind it on the top of the bricks.  I discouraged it with a stream of water in front of it and it turned around - right into their path- great!  They then had it surrounded but it escaped over the side.  I went back to washing the car but shortly after, there it was now on the wall in front of the car. I redirected it with water once again and again it escaped the approaching ants... then I realized there were two big old scorps - one seemed to be a female - fat body!  Yech!  Well, they are good at playing possum and I watched for awhile as they sat motionless pretending to be somewhere else, but this was getting in the way of washing my car before the sun came over the mountain.
The ants never did manage to catch them on the brick wall, so I finally went for the Raaaiiid!  Pssst ... and finished washing the car.

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